H1b or Tier2 General UK visa? US or UK?

Hi Mates…

Hope all are doing great… I am in a confusing situation to make a decision which eventuallly affects my long term career/life. so, posting it here to have som valuable suggestions… well, to describe in short,

I work for an Indian firm A. They have applied for H1b visa (CAP 2014) for me and fortunately It got aproved. so, my indian employer may initiate stamping any time and send me to US. There I have to work for Client B.

in the mean time, the same Client B offered me a job in UK if I leave my indian company and join them. They said they will process Tier-2 General Visa, which is valid for 5 years (with extention) and then will apply for Perminent residence.

as you all know, I would get minimum 60K USD through my H1b. where as, the UK offer is for 28K GBP (44K USD aprox). UK work location is Belfast, Northern Ireland and US work location is New York.

So, Kindly suggest me which one I should choose keeping the longterm benifits in mind? benifits like Earlings, savings, career, future Oppertunities. Appriciate your help and time in reading my long email. :slight_smile: please feel free to ask me if you are not clear with my above question.

Hi Friends… can you please suggest the right path? I need to take a decision shortly as i dont have much time in hand. please help.

Is this not a right forum to post my question? Wondering why i am not able to get any help here…please friends…

I prefer US personally. U r even getting more in US.
Work for US for some time and go to UK if U r not comfortable, U can either do viceversa. As Ur H1B petition is approved, U can file Cap-Exempt anytime in 6 years, if u wish to come back to US

Thank you for your kind reply Rana… as you know, Indian companies will send H1b employees on rotation basis and they might ask me to come back any time after an year or so… but UK offer is permanant and they even said they will apply for PR in UK after completing 5 years. so, though i draw a little less in UK for now(btw, I was able to negotiate on package to fix it to 30K GBP :slight_smile: ), choosing UK is the best choice i belive. Also, as you said, I can file a Cap-exempt anytime in 6years just in case if I am not happy in UK. Hope I am making a good decision here :)… please advise.

It sounds good.
One point to add, if U have a H1B, U can transfer to other company if ur present company is sending you back. Another option :slight_smile: :wink: