H1B - OPT work confusion

Hi Ram,

I got a RFE on my H1b petition on 11th August. I need to ask you some questions which some of my friends and I are facing -

  1. I am on OPT and it’s expiring on Jan 2018. So will my OPT be null and void on 1st October, 2017 and I will automatically be given Cap Gap extension.

  2. If I am given Cap Gap after October 1 and for some reason my H1b petition is revoked, will I be given time to apply for STEM extension or would I have to leave US in 60 days.

  3. In how many days can my lawyer expect a notice from USCIS. (Just have RFE information from their website)

  4. Where can we check prevailing wage for specific cities and profession ?

  5. What happens if prevailing wage is a bit less ? Does your H1b get rejected automatically ? I am in California and in Civil Engineering. Normally Civil salary is same across the US and I think I have received RFE because USCIS might expect Civil salary to be more in California.

I am really thankful to your answers on this portal which has helped me till now. Any response on these questions would be highly appreciated and would give a peace of mind and some knowledge to a lot of people. Thanks a lot.