H1B not used. Transfer initiated with another Organization while in India.


I have a stamped H1B valid until Sept 2015. However I never traveled on H1B due to lack of opportunity at the organization “X” who filled my H1B.
Now I have found an opportunity with another organization “Y” and have initiated H1B transfer with them while I am in India.

My Question is -

  1. What documents should I expect from Organization “Y” upon H1B transfer is approved.
  2. My dependents have H4 stamped, however not traveled. For dependents to travel with me upon my H1B transfer, do I need to do any kind of transfer for H4 as well.


  1. Approval notice i.e. 797

  2. Not required. You all can travel on old visa stamps as long as it has not expired. If it expires, then you need to appear for another stamping through new employer. Also, check w/ Y about the stamping as some employers prefer to have the visa stamp in their name.


Did your new organ Y given you cost for H1B which is initially taken by org X? If we will change orgn who applied your H1 to new one we have to give er liar orgn H1 B cost right?