H1B New Petition , old visa travel - india

It’s a query , please help me here, i am bit worried as well.

I am in india currently, never used H1B visa after stamped.
I have H1B i797 petition and visa stamped on 16/02/2018 in india, on employer(Xyz), and valid until Aug’2020.
I quit from employer(Xyz) who did my h1b and i dont have latest pay stubs, and old client letter only etc.

Now i am planning to transfer to another employer(Pqr), they will file my new petition, do i need to go for stamping again in india or shall i use and travel with old visa

Do i encounter any problems at port of entry or from uscis?

You can use your old stamp. Read H1B Transfer - Visa stamping needed ?

If you have all required documentation and everything is good, there should not be any issue.