H1B never used , travelled on H4 , am I eligible for transfer or out of the cap

Hi ,
I got H1B on 2015 cycle which is valid till 2018. H1B is stamped by company A and I have original petition copy with me.
Due to some persoanl reason I happened to travel on H4, But I Never used H1B yet, Company A has filed withdraw of H1B due to my extention of vacation and they did not agree for vacation extention so even I had resign from copany A. if I check my case status after resignation in USCIS website it is “revocation notice sent” .Could you please let me know I am eligible for H1B transfer or out-of the cap transfer? and what steps I can take to be on H1B

Note: I am curretly in US on H4 status

You guys r wasting others H1b…

Any update on your side. I am somewhat in a similar situation