H1B(never used/never travelled) Transfer while in india to another US company?


Need Urgent help!!!


[b]My situation is :[/b] I am working with company "A" in India, I had filed my visa application with company "B" and Its approved/stamped(i.e. I have valid H-1B from company "B"), currently company "B" doesn’t have projects, i have never travelled in US for work in H-1B(so I am still working with company "A" and had never join/work with company "B"), Now as I have valid H-1B visa, I have received interest from company "C" in US and they are ready to transfer/sponsor my visa.


[b]My Questions: [/b]

1 - What is the procedure of transfer/sponsor H-1B visa? 

2 - Do i need to again go for visa stamping? OR i can travel and work in USA with approved transfer petition and old stamped H-1B Visa? 

3 - If both above procedures are valid to work in US, how much time does it takes individually? and which on is better and fast?

4 - Is there any express (premium) procedure to transfer visa? How much does it cost? And how much time does it takes to process? What all docs are required for the same in my case?


[b]Thanks in advance for your help[/b]
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  1. Transfer process will be same as filing new application. But now you will be treated as cap-exempt. Hence application can be file any time, no lottery required.

  2. No need to go for stamping. You need new approved petition to travel. PLS CONFIRM WITH A ATTORNEY BEFORE U TRAVEL.

3.If you opt premium processing, it will take 15 days.

  1. Yes, 15 days if you choose premium processing by paying $1250

can u please let me know your company c. my husband has the same issue and his visa is getting expired by September 2015. pls help
you can email me