H1b multiple offers (Transfer approved and H4 fingerprints pending)

Hello there!

I am currently working on H1B with Company A (in EVC model at Client Company B) which is valid until end of 2020(I-94) for myself and my dependents.

I have an offer from Company C and they had applied for a H1b transfer and it has been approved - Waiting on fingerprints for my kid on H4(Fingerprints appointment next week).

I also have an offer from my current client Company B - which I am inclined towards but it is still in internal process - H1B transfer not initiated yet (may take a month or more).

My questions are -
Is there a problem if we go ahead with the finger prints appointment for my kid(from Company C which I may not join)?
Would there be any problem if it is approved and I do not join the Company C?

I had the second offer coincide with the approval of first one which took a long time to process. Please share your thoughts on the above questions.
Appreciate your time on this. Thank you

No, it does not matter. Fingerprints are just part of the H4 process, it does not do anything and all of it depends on the H1B’s choice on where to work.
No, it is your choice. As long as you are maintaining status, you are free to join or continue with your current one as well.