H1B Lottery Accepted, USCIS Approval awaiting

I received communication from my employer stating my H1b was accepted in lottery in the month of May, Since then I haven’t received any communication on Approval from USCIS. My employer is saying that they have not received any communication on petition Approval from USCIS yet.

Can anyone tell if there is a deadline before which USCIS has to provide Approval/RFE for lottery accepted applications ?

Is there a way to know the status of the application using case number (e.g., G-100-12345-123456) ?

I am sailing on the same boat. I’ve heard like by Oct 2nd week, it should be cleared off. Meanwhile, you can ask your employer to go with Premium processing with your case.

Thanks for the reply…
Any idea if the processing is not premium then the result would vary (approval/denial)??
Coz I’m not sure if they wud go for premium processing or not …

Premium Processing at this point of time makes no sense. Already we are on the verge of deadline. Just relax and wait for the update.

Yeah … 2 more weeks…
Good luck !!