H1B Location Change amendment - On Bench, Options?

Hi, I moved from TX to WA during this pandemic as my husband got a job here and I could also WFH during this time.I am working in a consulting company who caters to different clients.After I moved to WA, the client released me from the project.So, currently I am on Bench working on an internal project in my company.Because I shifted to WA permently now, I need to file for an H1B amendment even though I have H1B petition validity till 2 years , but can I submit the documents without any client letter or client details? Is there any other way to file a location change amendment without the fear of getting current H1B revoked?

Well, you should always be employed as per the terms and conditions of your H1B employment. If not, they can question your status during extension. Discuss with your attorney on the best way to handle it. If you do not have an option, change to other status.

Thank you for your response.