H1B LCA salary amendment approval odds

Recently my change of status from F1 to H1B got approved. After approval, I/My Company came to know that by mistake they filed my salary as 139k instead of 85k in LCA.

So now my company want to apply for amendment to reduce salary to 85k. The minimum wage for my region is 84k

If anyone of you faced similar issue, can you please share me your experience and also the approval odds please.

Well, technically on paper, if the wage level for your position is equal or higher than the prevailing wage, it is fine…But, again this can vary by position and may have some specifics tied to the region…I suggest you discuss with your attorney and make an informed decision.

Thank you Kumar for your response :slight_smile: My role is computer systems analyst and prevailing wage in Seattle is 84k.

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As I said, this is just one aspect and you need to look at the case holistic, talk to your attorney…