H1B LCA location vs current location

I was on L1B with an MNC and H1B petition is approved from employer B as Change of status . I came to india and dropped documents for H1B visa stamping and i received 221g with asking to submit my “LCA and other documents related work to be performed”

What documents i can share as “other documents related work to be performed” ?
I am working currently Employer Vendor Client (EVC) model , My LCA filled with Employer location (TX) and my end client location is OK. Currently i am working remote from TX in this case what document will satisfy LCA location

Request every one to guide me on this

Looking into the sensitivity and urgency of the matter, this question should be directed to your employer and their immigration lawyer. They can provide other supporting documents such as client letter, SoW etc.
As far as the actual work location is same as in the LCA, it should be okay.