H1B is approved, Can I travel to US on H4

Hi Saurabh,

Please please answer the question, Its urgent.

I have H4 visa and My company In India had filed H1B in May 2012.

I didnt hear anything from USICS and hence I decide to go to US on H4 and my flight is tonight.

I just checked the H1B status and its approved today as per the online status.

Can I still travel to US on H4?

My company doesn’t have any client, Can I go on H4 to US and look for clients and get the H1B stamping done in India before starting to work in US.?

Please let me know

Hi Swetha,

You can go on H4 to US, but you cannot work on H1 unless you apply for COS to H1 using the approved petition.

Thanks so much for your reply. I guess I need to get the H1B stamped before I start working in US