H1B interview query urgent-DS 160


I had my Biometric today and tomorrow i have my visa stamping interview.

During Biometric they ask me to show my DS-160 and i show them the xerox of DS-160 and they put a stamp on it later on i reralized that the picture was not so clear as compare to actual print out which i actually required to give at that time.

But now they put a stamp on it so it means i will have to show the same in my interview tommorow. The officer at biometric who stamped the DS-160 didn’t say anything about if it is clear or not he simply stamped it.

Now my concern is will this bring any problem due to clearity of picture in ds-160 confirmation page.

Please advice .



Dear Friend,

Do not worry. There is absolutely no problem

Consulate has DS 160 form submitted online by you.That is what they see.

Picture does not matter.

OFC has taken yr photo which will come on visa

DS 160 does not matter at all at OFC. It is only a entry pass at OFC.

Deepak Deshpande , Nagpur


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