H1b interview procedure

Hi I am currently in US on an L1 and I had also filed my H1 through an other employer and it got picked in the lottery. However, my question is so far the status of my H1 remains as ‘case received’ and i will be back to India in another couple of weeks as my current project is winding up. I know that I will be India by the time I get the final status on my H1 so when I attend the Visa interview do I have to resign my current employer? Which I dont want to until I get the final approval on my H1. I am in a big dilemma…anyone in same situation?

You can appear for H-1 stamping even though you are still working for L-1 employer in India. Once you get H-1 visa stamped and are ready to travel to US to work for that H-1 employer, then you can resign from the L-1 employer.

Thanks so much Sourabh…this answers my question…it’s clear for me now…thanks once again