H1B interview on 25 Nov 2014, Chennai - 221g Administrative Processing - BLUE SLIP (No extra Documents asked)

HiMine is a case of "H1B interview on 25 Nov 2014, Chennai - 221g Administrative Processing - BLUE SLIP (No extra Documents asked)"Interview was attended along wife and infant-child (both H4).VO Questions were Normal ones:1. Location of Employment2. H1B Client Name (Huge European MNC )3. Present Indian company (Huge US MNC )4. New US H1B Employee name (small one with < 10 employees )5. How you came to know abt this company, salary etc etc.VO scanned all documents I carried and finally gave 221G blue slip with no extra documents asked.That night I intimated Employer to expect call from consulate and also to inform Client.Dec 15, 2014 Client verification complete - Asking Client project start date etc and replied

Dec 17, 2014 First status date change.

Dec 23, 2015 Employee verification complete - two 3rd party uscis guys went to employee office and enquired and said that I will get visa in 2 days.

Feb-6 2015 Second date change (Huge difference in date, reason not known)

I use to sent emails twice a week to CHENNAIH&L@state.gov"Please be informed that in order to proceed further with your H1b visa application, your petitioner has to notify your client that they should respond to KCC’s enquiry. "I contacted employer and they contacted client; Client says that he didn’t receive any email from KCC and the first employer verification was replied on 16 Dec 2014 and we got status date changes for the same.

I now called NVC and KCC on below numbers:+16033340700+12024857600


NVC and KCC guys are saying that I need to contact Chennai Consulate and no other way to proceed.So when I write to Chennai consulate they are not replying. (except automated email reply)I do not know on how to resolve this.

  1. Consulate said client has to reply2. Client says didn’t get new query from KCC3. Consulate not replying to my emails.

Please help me how to get rid of this situation.

Is it good to withdraw? Can I withdraw myself? Can I change employer now with same cap excempt?

I am in between ocean and ghost…Please help me : ((

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Finally KCC called Client and Client verification was done and Passport submitted in Drop Box Chennai.