H1b interview , no slip but in AP since 4 months

Hi Experts,
I attended h1B visa interview on 25th Nov 2015 in Kuala Lumpur. Consulate office gave yellow slip requesting documents related to tax. I gave the tax related papers couple of days later and then he did photo copy of i797 and let me know your case requires further investigations and has NOT provided any slip.

Till date there is no update in status. The consulate officer was behaving sarcastically and on seeing the papers he kept shaking his head and saying all is fake ,i know this is fake company and what ever documents were provided to him looked like scrap.

From India my petitioner let me know all 10 candidates have passed the visa interview from India. My bad that i have attended from Kuala Lumpur.

Based on the current circumstances do you see any hope in my case? what is the maximum time i should wait to keep my hopes alive?


There is no SLA to the processing time. If you want you can reappear for stamping in India (may or may not meet similar fate), or you can move to another employer using cap-exempt petition.

Thanks Saurabh…my concern is will the VC officer in india know that i have attended interview in Kuala lumpur and current status is AP?

Yes, they would know that. You can say that you had to travel to India and that’s why reappearing in India. Like I said, even stamping in India may run into similar risks.