H1B interview in English & H4 Interview in Hindi - Possible On Same Application in the same Slot?



I’m in the process of scheduling my H1B stamping interview. Alongside mine, I want to schedule my wife’s and kid’s H4 interviews as dependents on my application on ustraveldocs.com. However, while I want to interview in English, my wife & my 3 year old kid would be more comfortable in Hindi.

If I schedule separately, I will have to go to separate counter from them (that is if I can manage to get the same date). I don’t wanna do that if I can help it.

I called up the contact centre and it seems there is no other way than to schedule two separate interviews one for me and other for my wife with my kid added as dependent on my wife’s application. Tried calling US consulate in Mumbai but no help there.

What would be better - going for interview together in English or separate interviews? Appreciate thoughts and inputs.



Group interview in English is preferred. Most questions anyway pertain to you and will be best answered only by you. If necessary you can interpret the question for your wife explaining first to the consular officer that you are doing this for a particular question and instruct your wife to state the answer in English to the best of her abilities.