H1B In-house Project Document


Could you please provide a sample/template of detailed project description for an in-house project to be carried for visa stamping interview. Moreover, request to please let me know what all information needs to be included in that.


Ideally you must work with your employer and their immigration lawyer for creating such documents. If there are other H1B employees working at your company, your HR should already have the format.

Thank you for the reply. When I checked with my employer, they said that they don’t have any template/format. Could you please help me with some sample document or atleast what are the mandatory things to be included in that in-house project documentation to be submitted during visa interview.

Please help.

You can instead simply carry employment verification letter that will state your start date , designation, role/duties etc.

Thank you for the response. I have an employment verification document, but the reason for asking this is recently some people were given 221g and asked to submit internal project documents. So, I am planning to take that beforehand to the interview.

Please suggest and help me

You can include some description on the project you work on in the EVL.