H1B I797 B Approved and i94 shortly expiring with Valid Passport - New i94 Arrival Experience

Hello All - I write this Post to share my Latest trip and Outcome for my CBP Experience in Laredo, TX.

I recently entered the US on Jan 30 on my current H1 B since I got new one approved when I was in india and hence I 797 B was issued. Officer told me as soon as I get new H1 I have to make an exit and entry back while my stamping was active until 02/15/2021. My 1 94 issued was until 02/25/21.

I received H1B from my employer original and I129 petition documents copy. Called CBP offices and ensured I need new i94 arrival since one issued until 02/25/21 will expire fast.

I booked my trip to Laredo 02/06. Travelled by car and rested well at Laquinta (Exit 2 very important). Dressed up professionally and walked to bridge 1 and turned around with officers help and to i94 queue for arrival record. They verified all the documents and new i94 for my new H1 was provided. They reduced it by 1 month until 01/14/24 since USCIS system accepts only 3 years for the record of i94 based on the category H1B. Travelled back safely home and the i94 history and status reflected instantly in 2 mins after officers gave me record for my reference. They also stamp on the passport and gave a paper i94 - since the transit was via land. (Bridge to americas)

Quick tips for anyone in this situation - First of all the place, the people and the CBP officers in Laredo TX were super super nice. The last mile is a downtown so recommend anyone going there for passport, i94 or visa extension corrections to always consider local taxi - its less then $10 per ride and the locals know the place and navigate safely. Week days or week ends - Always try to be in Queue before 8 AM CT - This will ensure you will finish processing and exit quickly (Less than 1 hour)

There is a CBP check point when you renter into TX from Laredo 25 miles from Laredo, TX. Here always show your passport and i94 stamp and they are very nice (Pass point check). I was originally worried for I797B , COVID times and if I need travel bac n forth and all - so always ensure to speak to friends , read forums (yes fellow people whom shared their stories here) gave me the confidence and hope.

If you are travelling remember to always carry your folder as if you enter any US PoE and remain ready to extend all necessary documents for the officers. While they are nice they reserve right to question and the more the documents the better for one’s own sake. Remain happy to share copies to officers if they need to retain for their administrative purposes. Overall Long 8 hours drive to and fro given the drivers are very poor in the route especially Waco till Austin. Drive safely. Stay positive, remain confident and all help from angels will arrive to you.

I write this in note of thanks dedicating to the useful info shared by people here. My friends whom advised me carefully and prayed for me for the trip and if this information can help any human whom happens to go through similar situation.

My travel date happened 02/05/21 and with the latest arrival and approval I returned safely back for my current i94 corrected for validity for my new H1 B until 01/14/24 - return date of my trip 02/06/21 back to Dallas. Thank you friends and all to allow me share here.

Thanks very much for sharing your experience in detail. It surely helps us.