H1b I129 documents filled with Incorrect Employement History


My employer filled my H1B Cap Exempt petition yesterday, and in the I129 Petition under Summary of prior work experience, they have written, please see the attached letter of support, and in the supporting documents they have mentioned that I work in SAP SD Module, and was working was Mphasis from 2008 and ASM Technologies in fact I have no history of SAP SD Module, No history of working in Mphasis and no history of working in ASM Technologies, I was employed by Ariba as my previous employer from 2009 to 2011

I was actually doing my engineering in 2008.

I haven’t received the receipt number for the petition yet, is there a way we can correct the information and what are the effects of it.

A little about my history, my H1B extension petition was denied on 07 Dec 2015, and I had to travel back from US after staying there for 3 years.

Let your employer know. They should contact USCIS and write to them to fix it. I hope it wasn’t intentional.

My Employer suggested writing a letter to USCIS with the corrected details, will that work ? I am doubting the experience of my employer because of the previous denial and simple mistakes

Do you have an attorney on the case?