H1B Holder Stuck in India due to Covid-19 travel lockdown - Furlough, Options


I came to India in March 1st for my wedding. Now I am stuck at home due to Covid-19 lockdown as there are no flights available to go back to CA, Usa. On top of that my company has farloughed everyone until April 5th. I am worried whether I will lose my visa status due to these issues and never be able to travel back to Usa again.


If you are in India, you will not lose your status as you are technically out of the country. In general Furlough is something that is not applicable to H1Bs as you need to be paid on H1B to be in proper status. As you are out of the US, you would not be subject to that to maintain status. Talk to your attorney and see, if they can put your visa thing in dormant and activate, when it resumes…It is slightly grey area, so talk to them.

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Thanks for the clarification Kumar.

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