H1B Holder getting married in Dec, would bring wife on B2 intially and file for H4 later, how safe is this?

Hi Guys,

I am getting married in December this year and would not have enough time to process the H4 (with all the marriage registration formalities as well as the visa interviews) for my wife and would like to bring her on B2 (she got it done recently) and then she will get a H4 done once she is travelling back to India in March 2016.

how safe is this method. would the B2 travel make any negative impact on her getting a H4?

let me know. thanks in advance

Your plan is good. In fact some people used to do like this… I dont see any issue in this.

thanks Jatin

Wouldnt this cause a problem for her during H4 interview? as per my understanding, B1 is only for travel but she will be staying with me. I just want to understand if this may cause any concern for her during H4 interview when I wont be with her.