H1B have to keep and continue in L1

Hi Saurabh

You have answered to my question before which I asked. Thanks a lot. But,

We got H1 B from an ext employer and approved yet.So to keep L1 valid.,as per your answer,only oct1 we have to be out of country(USA)?? Already I am out of country and in a situation in which I dont know what to do next?Or do I have to stay out of country till it gets approved ?In other words,

Considering the last action rule, will the H1B i-94 date or effective date will take precedence over the current L1B? If I enter to US before the H1B get approved (after Oct 1st)?

Please help to get more clarity.That really helps a lot

Thanks a lot

So you are outside of US currently, and your H-1 is still pending, correct?

In this case if you enter US on L-1, then you would remain on L-1 irrespective of what happens with your H-1. Your H-1 will now be processed as consular processing and not COS for you left US while it was pending. You can return anytime to US now on L-1.