H1B-H4 Visa stamping, Expiring Passport, I-94 dates at POE?


We are planning to go to India for H1/H4 stamping mostly around May.
I have some queries:

  1. My Passport is expiring in Jun 2021 and my son’s passport is expiring in September 2021 and we have approved petition till August 2022. So will we get the Visa stamped till the Petition Validity(2022) or passport expiry(2021)
  2. While coming back to USA at POE our I-94 will be provided till Visa (2022) or passport expiry(2021)?
  3. If we get I-94 till passport expiry will that override the I-94 date provided on I-797 approved petition, if yes then what are the different ways to extend the I-94


  1. You will get it all the way until end of the petition expiration.
  2. It will be given until the passport expiration.
  3. It will not. You need get your I-94 updated after you get new passport. Check below.
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Thanks for the reply.

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