H1B & H4 visa- notice of action

I am in F1 and my spouse is in F2.My company applied my h1b and h4 for my spouse.If i got picked up, how do i know that H4 of my spouse also approved?Will i get notice of action for H1B and will my spouse get notice of action seperately?What are the documents actually i need to ask from my employer which will prove approval of H4 visa of my spouse?Your help will be appreciable.

H4 visa receipt copy will come to your home directly from USCIS, stating that H4 application has been received by them. The H1 receipt will go to employer only.

But the H4 approval will go to the employer. Sometimes, there may be delay with your approval and your wife’s, the gap is a week or two. It is your approval that goes first and then only your wife’s H4 with a slight delay.