H1b/h4 travel with previous employer visa stamp

I did H1B transfer from employer A in May-2018 to employer B and got approval for 1 year and now got extension approved from B
I have approved I797 from my current employer(B).

I am traveling to India this month and coming back on second week of July.

My visa stamp from employer A is valid till August-2019 but they revoked petition in July 2018.

I have below questions.

  1. Can I enter US with previous company visa stamp? Do I need to go for stamping?
  2. If I need to go for stamping can I do dropbox.?
  3. Does my wife needs to go for biometrics to do dropbox?
  1. Yes, you can. Read H1B Stamping after Transfer
  2. No need to, if you enter US before August 2019.
  3. She can do dropbox, if she qualifies for it.