H1B grace period, complicated

I lost my job(employer A) but I was fortunate enough to find a new job (employer B) and filed the H1B transfer within the 60 days, it is pending and I will start to work for them later this week.

Now I have a second opportunity coming up (Employer C) that I like better but don’t have enough time to file again within the 60 days limits.

My question is can Employer C file a transfer while I’m working for employer B and my first transfer case in pending status out side of the grace period? Would my case be considered as “Out of status” because my first transfer is not completed yet or am I OK because it would be a new transfer from Employer B to Employer C?

Many thanks,

If your employer B transfer is not rejected/withdrawn and eventually approved, your employer C transfer process would be valid if thats also approved. But while employer C transfer in pending state and your employer B transfer didnt get through, then your employer C transfer would be invalid and you will be out of status.