H1B FY2019 still showing "Case received"


Been waiting since May 2018 with the same status on the dhs website: “Case was received”. No RFE or anything. WAC normal cap. Is anyone else also on the same boat? This situation is unbelievable…


Mine is still the same as of today 01/02/2019 - 16.24pm picked in the lottery on April 12, 2018!!!. Not sure what is happening and so much stress!!


There are still many, who are in the same status, so do not panic or worry. The current processing times are really long and you need to just wait…unfortunately, there is no way out, until the premium processing comes up in Feb 2019.


me too in the same boat,its been 267 days… plz share here if you guys get any update :slight_smile:


Me too :frowning:
Same WAC
No RFE too

Getting restless… It’s taking forever… ridiculous


Its the same case with me too, “Case was received” as of today 8Jan2019


Yes I’m in the same situation too… I have got an rfe for which my employer responded in September. Now, I have been waiting for almost 4 months since then.


This is so frustrating. Any logical reasoning as to why it’s getting delayed by so many days?


Me too having same situation , still case was received, plz let me know if any one case approved .


Guys!! Any update to anyone!??? It’s going to an year and still there is no update on my case since May 2018!! My organisation will not do premium! Is there anyone in the same boat??


me … this wait sucks man!!!