H1B from two different employers one with COS and other through consular

Hi All,

Please advise on my case:


I am working in USA with employer A on L1B,Both visa and I94 will be expire on 25 June 2013.So my same employer A is now applying 

for fresh H1B in April 2013 through Consular process.At the same time I also have the option to apply for H1B through Employer B 

also but through COS i.e. L1B TO H1B.Now my question is

Is it valid to apply for H1B from two employer one as Consular process and another as L1B to H1B as COS?



Yes, legally this can be done. However, you have to leave US once your L-1 employment ends and cannot stay in US even if B has filed for H-1 w/ COS.