H1B from service comp, can I travel to US and interview with clients


I have a stamped H1B visa through a service company.

They are still talking to clients to place me.

It seems that I would have a better chance of getting placed at a client’s place if I am actually in the US and can do face-to-face interviews.

So, can I do this, travel to US and interview with clients.

I think the catch is, I need to show paychecks for almost everyday I have spent in the US on H1B Visa.

Is there any workaroud to this. I read somewhere in redbus2us that, I can negotiate a 80-20% based pay.

If so, if we dont have any client at that time, what does the employer need to pay.

Please let me know if you can think of anything else.



If you travel to US, then your employer needs to pay you at least the LCA salary. They cannot go lower than that. Once they pay you that salary, it doesn’t matter whether you are benched, or give interviews or work for a client.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for answering and all of your help.

The employer who sponsored doesnt want to pay me the LCA salary till they find me a client. They believe they can get me a client for me when I am in India and want me to wait.

But its already been a year after many close calls.

And I know for sure, things are different if the person is actually present in the US.

So… Can I travel on B1 Visa which I might due to requirements from my Indian employer and interview for the H1B position.

Please let know if possible.