H1B Fraud - Not Returning the filing fee

Hi All,

Need some help. I filled H1b in 2015 through one company. He took some amount to file H1b and then he said that my case wasn’t picked in the lottery and as per commitment he should return my money back. But, now It’s been more than two years he is not returning my money. He is not responding my emails/calls. I believe e blocked my mobile no. as well. Is there any way to take any action against such fraud people or shall I assume that I will never get my money back. Requesting you all for your valuable suggestions.



Hi ,

If you have money paid proof. You can warn him going complain Department of Homeland Security (DOL) mail id reporth1babuse@uscis.dhs.gov.

Thanks My Friend…For proof I have emails and bank statement. One question, Someone said that If I raise a complain that I might be in trouble as well as it is illegal to pay money for H1B Visa filing. But, not sure whether it’s correct or not…


if you raise complain against employer, DOL will block listed him first and he is going to loose than you.

Employer will definitely will respond you , if you warn him like above. Still your employer not responding , again it will be proof for you.

are you sure his email and phone working ?

if you are not sure :send a new email saying that wanted to transfer h1b from new email id , and attach dummy resume create feel like genuine email. if you don’t receive response from him.

you need find the below things :

Is your employer exist now ? If exist, his website is working ? if working, is the same location your employer there?

Once you got the clues for the above questions you can send him courier saying that same you’re going to complain to DOL (Again it’s going to proof).

finally he is there but not responding means you can file police case again him if his company there in India , if not directly shoot a email to DOL with detailed message with proofs.

Good luck.

Paying for visa is illegal. You have done something illegal, so is the employer and cannot contest it. I believe the employer would have been careful in not leaving any trail behind, such as proof of payment (bank account might be a personal account not company account) or email communications would have been from vague email (*** @gmail.com), not a corporate email. So you might not have anything as proof if you look deeply.

It is a risk that you took and sorry to say that you will have to deal with it politely by requesting them. It is up to them to return it or not now.


have you got your money?

No, Not Yet. Once again he blocked my number and not responding email.

These 2 situations, both are illegal.
You paid so you are wrong, he took money so he is wrong. Do consider, that by raising a complaint you will be held responsible for wrongdoing as well.
Thinking from the fraud company perspective, he knows this very well and thats his business model. Forget about money and move on.
Do you really think that submitting an H1B application submission(irrespective of outcome) should be free of cost? He certainly taking a risk and you think he should do it free of cost?