Hello all,

I am new to this process and dont know from where to start!!

one of my friend is currently working in USA and he had shared my resume for H1B process.

after few days i had got call from one of the agency saying that we had received your profile for H1B and we need some of the documents to process your profile…such as PAN/DRIVING LIC/ SALARY SLIP…etc…

i had given all the details to them after that the lady from agency had shared some H1B intake sheet. i had filled that i gave that to her… but what would be the next step?? can you please share some ideas on it.

Typically the company will vet you to see if they have eligible openings for you, and then make an offer. Lot of times, such companies ask you to pay for H-1 fees (directly or indirectly), which is illegal.

Once you accept the offer, you will be asked for further documents like education certificates, degrees, passport copy. They will prepare the petition and file it b/w April 1 and 7, where it will be added to several other petitions for random selection aka lottery.

There are few articles on main blog that explain the process in detail.

Thank you very much saurabh!!

As per your comment they would ask me to pay visa sponsorship fees which you are saying is an illegal then in such case should i accept their offer and continue with the process or should i reject the offer for H1B and job??

Also in case if i choose to pay the fees then what would be the total amount that i will have to pay to them?

It is your call whether to pay the fees or not. Lot of other applicants do that, and that’s why these companies do this. They know if you are not paying it, then some other candidate would.

The fees is around 2000 USD + attorney fees. If they are subject to new H-1/L-1 fees, then that’s 4000 more.

Most likely there will be lottery. If you don’t make through lottery, USCIS returns the entire fees. However such companies will keep a cut for themselves and return partial money. Good money making business.