H1B First stamping


I am trying to find info on first-time H1/H4 Stamping in Canada. I & my wife came to the USA on L1B/L2. Within a year I got my H1 and since then I have changed my job twice. So past 4 years have been on H1B/H4/EAD. Can I go to Canada (If the embassy) is open for stamping?

In a lot of places, they have written, first-time stamping is not advised in Canada if education is not in the US and do not have US work experience.

In my case, my education is from India but have been working on H1B(With a Change of Status) in the USA. Total Work Experience in the USA is 5 years ( Since 2016).

In such a case, can I go to Canada for stamping? Do you know anyone who has similar circumstances and was not allowed to be stamped?

To be clear. I am working in H1B in USA without stamp (Came to USA to L1B and then did COS). I am trying to see if there have been folks who have had issued in getting stampped.