H1B filing goes in lottery if I-140 is already approved for H4 candidate?

I had a quick question -

  • I came to US in 2012,
  • Consumed 6 years of H1 by 2018 November (including recapture time),
  • My PERM was filed by my previous employer in 2017 which got rejected in September 2018.
  • I left the country for 3 months and came back on H4 in 2019 and applied for EAD and you are helping me with extension of EAD (thanks for the help).

I joined a company in Feb’2020 and planning to have a discussion with my company on starting my PERM and I-140. Question here is, If my company starts my PERM and i-140 is approved in (9-10 months) then can they apply for my H1B directly (without lottery) or it has to go to lottery system again?

Just checking so that i can take the right decision as to initiate PERM or not. Your little help on this question is much appreciated.

Well, this is slightly grey area…as you do not have H1B status now, not sure how it would work…

If you had H1B status, then you could have used I-140 for future extensions, etc. Because you did not had I-140 approved during your H1B time, it is unclear…

I suggest you talk to an attorney.