H1b filing for fiscal year 2014

I am currently on H4 visa and currently located in USA. I am looking for employer/consultants who can sponsor h1b visa. I talked to few of companies, there are ready to do only if I don’t plan any vacation outside USA. I have family event planned in mid of April, cannot cancel my trip to my home country, India. Can you please suggest if any employer/consultants can help me in applying H1b visa for this fiscal year 2014?

Thanks in advance

It is not advisable to travel while a change of status(COS) application is in progress. You have two options, either to get your COS done then travel outside the country and get the stamping done or visit India first then come back on H4 and apply for change of status. Keep in mind that previous H1 quota was exhausted by June.

Here is an faq link that might also help