H1B FAQs - Transfer, Pro, Cons, LCA, Extensions?

A lot of folks have a lot of versions while finding out much information about transfer from employer X to Y or extension or whatever.
Some folks say we don’t need a paystub while we transfer and some folks say we need to wait for a while before we transfer to avoid the RFE’s. But here are my general questions can someone help me out.

  1. Most of the employers are hungry for money and they treat a candidate as a salve, is there any good staffing agencies who are transparent with a beneficiary? if so what staffing agencies they are and how can I review them? (The reason why is most of the staffing agencies have their own people reviews they may be true or may not)
  2. How can I trust new employer information is true or not true cases? recently USCIS has introduced an employer hub system where you can give the employer info to see the H1b status among the organization wise? what if the staffing agency is not available in that system?
  3. What are the Pros and Cons for having the transfer from X to Y?
  4. If an employer says he/she they will file a green card process, do they charge the beneficiary or the employer should do that process free of cost?
  5. During H1, if an employer charges you for Attorney fee’s is it the right employer or no go person?
  6. Is there any website that gives the ranking of staffing agencies true and trustworthy before taking go or no go decision by myself.
  7. If the employer is not paying according to the LCA? what’s the matter for filing LCA?
  8. If my H1b is approved and when I can ask my employer to file I-140?
  9. Can we transfer while the extension is in RFE?

Hope these questions with answers may help someone outta their just like me :wink:

  1. We do not advise on any agencies…In general, if they do not ask for money and give you good offer, they are the good ones.
  2. Staffing agencies are nothing but IT body shop companies…if they sponsored visas, they will be there…if not, they are not credible.
  3. It is all about what you want and why you want to go…Cons are always the risks associated with transfer like job info, your fit for it, and general H1B requirements fulfilment
  4. They should not charge for the same…usually employers should bear that for you.
  5. it should be paid by employer and not you.
  6. No that I know of.
  7. they should file, it is legal compliance…if they dont pay, they are violating rules.
  8. Anytime.
  9. Yes.