H1b Extn-RFE Response premium processing, 15th day no update yet

Hello Saurabh,

My h1b extension filed from India on December 26th, 10days before my Visa expiry. On 4th Jan 2018 I got an RFE on speciality occupation.

RFE replied by my company on 23rd January 2018, on 24th USCIS site status changed to “Response Review”. I have read from your blogs and USCIS site as well, a new 15calenday day will start once USCIS received the response. If I calculate 15days from 24th USCIS received. Today 7th Feb 2018 is 15th day and I didn’t get any response.

Could you please help me what might have went wrong, by when I will get my approval? Also if USCIS returned the premium fee, how many days it will take again to get approval? I need to travel as soon as possible once I got my approved extension and followed by stamping.

Thank you


The petition filed with WAC in premium mode.


I am also in same situation. Submitted response on Jan 24th under premium processing with WAC but no response yet. Please let me know if you get any update.



Did any of you get any response or any status update on the uscis portal? I am also in the same boat, my RFE response was submitted on Jan 26th to Vermont Service Center and no update till now, status still shows that response was received.



I’m in same boat, did you get response from USCIS?

My Petition has been denied, requirements not matching Speciality occupation. Don’t rely on USCIS site, there are glitches. My case status is still RFE response received. But got my denial notice last week. Don’t wait, contact USCIS immediately. As fast as I heard WAC is the worst service center. Good luck everyone.

Did you file another petition with any amendments, I am in same situation but have i94 active till end of april

Hi guys,
Could you please let me know what happened to your case.
i am in same boat and need direction.
Please help