H1b extension

I have my H1b visa/I94 valid till Jan23rd 2017.

Employer applied for Extension,( later upgraded to premium) and petition
is approved on Oct2016 itself.

extension validity starts from Oct2016 to Oct2017. ( approved for 11 months appx)

Question is, why I’m loosing almost 4 months of valid visa period and why it is
extended from oct 2016 ( date of approval) instead of Jan2017, as i have valid visa till Jan2017 before extension?

kindly help…

When is your initial I797 approval valid until?

my initial i797 is valid till Jan23rd 2017

Ask employer to check their I-129 to see if there was typo there for the start date. If there is no issue there, then employer can raise SR and contact USCIS about this.

BTW, when was original extension applied?

Thanks Saurabh for Answering…

Extension is applied in Aug 2016, and updated to the premium in Oct 1st. Extension is approved on 10th Oct, where the validity starts from.

But as you know, my earlier visa validity is till end of Jan 2017.

I think it really does not matter if your H1 expires in Jan 2017 when you apply for extension. As you applied in October, they have given it from Oct . If you had applied in Jan they woud have given you from Jan 2017.

The total count of 6 years will be counted eventually. You are no way loosing 4 months, these can be used to extend H1 in future.