H1B Extension


I hold a valid H1B Visa which get expires this March 06 2016. I am in India.
I have used only 2 months in my whole visa period.
Right now i am in a legal issue of filed a divorce . My court final hearing is on March 23 2016.
I want to travel back to US. What is the safest thing to do right now to my current situation.

I want to apply for an extension can i do outside US?

Who has to that?

If I travel in the month of JAN and apply for a extension if it got approved. When i come back to india on March 23rd do I need to get it stamped once again.when i travel back to US. Or what will be the best way to travel. Get the extension filed and after the approval get it stamped then travel to US or … Please suggest me your inputs and expereince guys please.

Please guide please

Extension needs to be filed by an employer. So you have to take their opinion into consideration. Do you have any idea when they plan to file for it?

Not sure when they will be filing it.
Can they file extension even after the visa expiration or it has to be done before.
I have my Visa stamped traveled for 2 months on that visa.
I am looking for transfer as well not found any employer.
please provide me the possibilities idea solution anything saurabh.

It can filed even after your current visa has expired.