H1B Extension RFE



I’m on fifth year of my H1, got RFE for extension. I have approved i-140.
My RFE is related to specialty occupation, employer-employee relationship.

Question is, during initial petition we have provided all client and vendor letters which has one liner job duties.
I got RFE in layman terms they mentioned as “We cannot confirm whether its specialty occupation or not with One liner job duties. Please provide detaile job description”

Attorney asked me to provide detail job duties with percentage so that they can submit for expert opinion to answer specialty occupation attack.
Last week we got expert opinion concluded as my postion as specialty occupation.

I asked my attroney if needed i can request client and vendor letters with detail job description instead of one liner job duties.
Buy my attorney said we can use same letters what we used during initial petition. Additionally, submit recently i provided job duties with percentage being used for expert opinion.

Please help me if this is good enough to get approvals in my case? Or do i need to request new letters from vendor and client?