H1B extension RFE Case -Change of Location-Will it change the USCIS servicing center?

I am seeking suggestions on my H1B RFE case.
I am working as a management consultant where my clients are subject to change over a 3 yr period.

I initially filed for an H1b extension on premium processing. This filing was done at California center. I received an RFE within a week - to establish employer-employee relationship and client relationship and job requirement at client location.

Meanwhile, my client changed and I had to furnish documents as per the new client - LCA, itinerary of services, client letter, letter of assignment. At present, I am ready to file the response with all the required documentation.

My immigration attorney has suggested that due to change of location, the USCIS servicing center will change. The attorney suggested -

Since your initial extension was in Illinois state, we filed to California service center. Now, your new client location is Florida, so the RFE response will go to Vermont center. This service center change will cause a risk to approval and there are high chances of denial.

My questions are

  1. Is it true with change in client location when a case is in RFE stage, the USCIS servicing center will change?
  2. Does change in location with compliance to USCIS regulation(new LCA, new client letter etc. ) will still lead to higher chances of rejection, as the RFE questions were for my previous client?
  3. Is it advisable to withdraw my current extension application and resubmit as the client has changed? This is because the RFE questions were for my previous client.