h1B extension RFE and not able to provide docs


I am in a very odd situation which might be interesting for many.

My H1b visa stamp exipred in oct 2013 ( I had applied for H1B extension in june 2013 itself) but my exension ran into RFE in NOV 2013 (after my visa and i94 expired)

to add to the problem, my SOW is expired and client is not giving client invite letter. ( all in all we are unable to prove to USCIS that I am actually needed at client location)

I am expecting denail of H1B extension.

do I have any other option? like transfering to other company( which i doubt since my visa is expired)

or anything which by your experience you want to suggest to help.

would appreciate your help


If your I-94 has expired, then you cannot go for H-1 transfer. You will have to leave US and then apply for H-1 through same/different employer from there.