H1B extension Premium processing vs normal processig


I recently submitted (received by USCIS over a month ago) my H1B extension application under normal process and my current visa is expiring on 11 Aug 2019. My question is upgrading the application to premium processing is a good idea or not? My employer mentioned that if you upgrade your visa in premium processing then get ready for receiving RFE. Is that true? I have13 years of experience and staying in the US since 2015 and I finished my bachelor’s in Computer Science.

Yes, it is a good idea to upgrade to premium processing. No, that is just a perception. As you are cutting close, it will better to upgrade as you will have options to decide or apply for transfer, if anything goes wrong with the petition.


I got RFE during my H1B visa extension (on last week of OCT). My company is preparing response to be sent to USCIS, and I have about 3 months left in 240 days grace period after i-94 expiry.
When is the best time to file for premium processing now? Before RFE response, at the same time along with response, or afterwards?

More importantly, can anyone advise is Premium processing can be applied along with RFE response?