H1B extension normal to premium

Hi Saurab

My employer filed my H1B extension on Aug 16 2013 and my visa got expired on oct 16 2013.

still now my VISA is not approved Dec 20 2013, as my employer is saying that they have moved my visa to premium processs last week

But my question is how many days it will take to approve for premium process ?

Once after my approval can my spouse can go for H4 stamping ?

How many days H4 process will take ? Is there any way that we can inquire about our visa processing is premium or normal ?

How many days can i stay in US after my VISA expiray ?

Your help is highly appriciatedā€¦


Rajesh Kumar.

15 calendar days for mremium max

Premium Processing has an SLA of 15 Calender Days, Provided U dont run into RFE

Ur Wife can go for H4 Stamping if ur H1B is Approved. She just need to fill DS 160, pay the fee, book the appointment and attend interview, result will be told then itself and the passport will be received before a week

If U verify the case in USCIS, u can see email word instead of mail if its Premium Processing

Hi RaNa,

Now my case status is moved to RFE yesterday and am not seeing any email word, i see on uscis case status " we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER.", that means mine is a normal process.
Once after moving to RFE how many days it will take after our employer respond to that notice ?

There is no SLA, it may takes 30 to 60 days or even moreā€¦
Upgrade to premium when u submit RFE docs