H1B Extension is filed while I am in INDIA

My extension has been filed received receipt number: WAC********.but due to some reason I traveled to India.Please guide me for below queries:Q1) Is it possible that you can file my extension while I am not in USA because as per my knowledge you can’t file Extension while you are in India.Q2) What consequences I will face while my extension is filed but I am in India? Q3) The documents I have submitted for extension I am not in that project since 27-Aug-15.

  1. They can still a cap-exempt petition (I-129) while you are out of US. Once approved, you will receive a new extended 797. What they cannot file is extension of status i.e. I-94 extension as you have left US. Once you return to US using the new approved 797, you will receive a new I-94 at PoE and that would take care of it.

  2. See (1)

  3. Documents required as similar to ones required for original petition. The only additional documents required are proof of status i.e. your recent payslips, past W-2s, copy of old 797, copy of old I-94 etc.

what will be the result? Approved, Reject Or RFE?