H1B Extension from India and its utilization.

I move back to India a month back and my current visa is expiring in September 2016. Two questions

  1. Is it better to apply extension now if I have a plan to travel after say 2 years?

  2. If I apply extension and get it approved for 3 years and I don’t travel for another 2 years, does that mean I am left with only 1 year to utilize my approved extension?

  1. Your employer has to make the call whether to apply for extension or not. If they don’t foresee travel plans in next 2 years, why would they spend the money now on your extension? Even if the extension is approved for 3 years, they would lose out on 2 of those years.

  2. Yes. The employer will have to file another extension in future to avail those left over years.