H1B Extension Denied but I-94 is valid. New employer is ready to file new petition.

I have received an RFE on level I wages back in November 2017. Attorney has responded to RFE but unfortunately had denial as on January 31st 2018. I have find a new employer who ihas agreed to file new premium processing petition in 10 days of time also, I do have my I-94 valid until 28 February 2018. Is it ok if i stay back in US until i get my new petition approved before I-94 expire ? Please help me what are my options. Let me know if need more detail.

Hi Barot_Deep,

I am in same situation, how did you handle it. I only have 3 weeks left for i94 expiry and have no new employer.

Hi, What did you decide? Is your transfer got approved ?