H1B extension denied but H1B amendment decision is pending

My H1B extension was applied on July 2017 for the previous location. I was assigned to a new project in a different location so I applied for H1B amendment on Jan 17, 2018 and I am waiting to receive the receipt notice number.

When I checked the status of the original extension(that was filed on July, 2017), it is denied on January 18th. . I am yet the receive the reason for denial. It is denied right after the day amendment was filed. I am curious to know what could be the reason. I assume it is because the amendment was filed on top of extension, USCIS didn’t want to work on two applications and they denied the original extension and taking the amendment as current application.

Is my assumption correct? Has anyone been in the same situation before?

Please keep me posted on this as i am also under similar situation where my extension is denied and ammendment is in progress and i already left country due To personal reasons.i assume if i get my ammendment approved i can go for stamping

Is there any update on this? Im also in the same situation