H1b extension denial - Cap Exempt Consular processing

I am working for company A and client B.
Amendment got denied.before amendment denial I applied for extension.
My I 94 expired.if my extension also denied,can I go to India and file consular processing premium with same client B
If yes,how much time will it take for process?
What is best approach here?

Yes, you can do that. If you apply in premium, you can get decision in 15 days. Well, wait for the approval. Look at the reason for denial, discuss with your attorney and then try to fix them in the next round…It is may sound simple, but can be very tricky, talk to your employer and attorney…

Thank you very much.

One last question.there is prime vendor between my employer A and client B.
Now prime vendor is ok to transfer my H1b and file extension in premium with client B even though my I-94 expired and extension petition is in progress from my employer.

Is this a good option to transfer to prime vendor?
If this transfer denied,still my extension with my current employer is valid?

Please suggest