H1B extension denial and reapply


My H1B Extension petition was denied and my I94 is expired. Earlier I got RFE for specialty occupation. My role in LCA was computer programmer. I am going to travel back to India now.

Please let me know if I can re-apply the extension with a different role for the same project, location and client again.

what is the possibility to get this petition approved if we follow this method.

Also please advise if this is the right method to get back to US again.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Yes, you can as you had H1B status in the past, you will be cap exempt. The chances of approval always depend on the job role, your fitment to the role, company you apply with…The right method is to find a good H1B cap exempt sponsor in US, get a full time job and then get stamping in India and then go to US.